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Apple Blossom Orchard & Market is a family-owned and family-operated business located only 5.5 miles North of Appleton in Black Creek, Wisconsin. Our vision is to enrich the quality of life of our customers by providing delicious, healthy, nutritious, and locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

Order Michigan Blueberries!

We will be taking our annual trip to Michigan to bring back fresh Michigan blueberries at the end of July. Now is the time to order!

Just $32.00 for each 10lb box!
If you order 4 or more boxes, they are only $30.00 each!

Call 920.993.7277 or email us to place your order.
Pickup is Friday July 28th – Tuesday August 1st
Tell all your friends and neighbors! We look forward to seeing you in our store soon.

We will be selling berries sometime the beginning of July!

 Soon we will have raspberries and blackberries! Call to reserve your berries at 920-993-7277.

For Farm-to-School Orders, click here.
We take credit cards, checks, and cash.

Starting in August, our store will have…
Fortune, Golden Delicious, Snow sweet, Pink Lady, Honey Crisp, Ambrosia, Cameo, Red Delicious, Candy Crisp, Jonathan, Jonagold, Spartan, Cortland, Gala, Macintosh, Pears, pumpkins, squash, onions, hand-crafted goat’s milk soap, hand-crafted aprons, maple syrup, honey, hickory syrup, jams, salsa, pickles, popcorn, all-natural peanut butter, vintage apple decor, deer apples, and more!

Golden Delicious
Pale green to yellow fruit that is moderately sweet and crisp. Good all-around apple for fresh eating and baking.

These enormous apples are finely textured, juicy, and sweet with a little tang and spicy undertone. This variety is reminiscent of older, heirloom varieties in appearance and flavor which makes them popular. They are good for fresh eating, baking, sauce and cider. Because of their size, processing goes really fast.

A relative of Jonathan (a Jonathan/Golden Delicious cross) this is a smaller apple with a similar, slightly sweeter taste and a honey-like aroma. These are good for school lunches and snacking.

Snow Sweet
Well known for its snow-white flesh, this is a thin-skinned apple with a nice, light crunch and a clean, fresh sweetness. Good for fresh eating and probably the best apple we have for salads because it is so white and is slow to brown.

An old standard that you probably found in your Gramma’s back yard. Sweet with a touch of tartness. A nicely balanced apple good for fresh eating and excellent for cooking.

Pink Lady
For tart apple lovers, this is what you have been waiting for! Now in the store, Pink Lady has an excellent tartness with plenty of sweetness to balance. The apple has a pretty pink blush with a dense texture and a burst of flavor when you bite into it.

A Red Delicious descendent but not as red, more yellow with orange-red flushes. It’s a pretty as a Red Delicious but much better tasting.

Aptly named, Ambrosia is ridiculously sweet, ginger overtones, moderately dense and crispy, excellent fresh eating and for salads. One of our best sellers for good reason. Low acidity makes this easy on the tummy.

Everyone knows Fuji for its crisp crunch, complex taste, and citrus overtones. It was introduced in Japan and is one of the most popular apples around the globe. Good for fresh eating and baking. Keeps very well.

Candy Crisp (new for 2016)
A brand new variety for us. Juicy and clean sweet candy-like taste. Very large golden-yellow fruit with a cute pink blush.

Ultra-Red Jonathan
A really beautiful ruby-red fresh eating apple and great for sauce.

We have Bosc pears, a very russety brown, very sweet and heirloom-style pear and Flemish Beauty, a green pear that is firmer in texture, not quite as sweet but very nice and juicy. Let them sit out on the counter top for a couple of days if you like them less firm.

A nice little apple, sweet, juicy, and moderately tart and crispy. A derivative of McIntosh and a great apple for school lunches.

This red-orange apple is firm, medium-crisp, sweet and juicy. It’s smaller size makes them popular for school lunches.

Another classic apple that has stood the test of time. Many like the balanced tartness and sweetness and stock up for baking and apple sauce. Pure white flesh, slow to brown, and medium-soft crispness.

This old-time classic has a nice balance between tart and sweet. It has a little thicker skin and pure white flesh. Excellent for fresh eating, pies, sauce, you name it. There is a reason it’s been around forever!

Honey Crisp
Our most popular apple, Honey Crisp provide an unrivaled crunch and a sweetness reminiscent of honey. Stores well and good for fresh eating and salads.

Wolf River
Paula Red

We have all kinds of specialty pumpkins for expert decorators. You’ll find Knuckleheads, Cinderellas, Pie Pumpkins, Phat Jacks, Ghost, and more.

We have two sizes, small and large, and the large ones are really big.

Deer Apples
Take a bag home for your four-legged friends!

HOMELY APPLES – Help us find a home for “Homely Apples”…and SAVE MONEY!
Homely apples are typically called seconds. They may be a little lopsided, slightly bruised, or maybe have a stem prick. Nevertheless, they taste great, are just as healthy, and offer a great way to extend your food budget. Ask for Homely Apples in the fall and you’ll save 50% off the regular price. Buy lots and make apple pies, sauce, or cider!

Well, at Apple Blossom, we encourage you to taste any and all of the apples we have in stock. Find the apples you like best and always know exactly what you are getting.

We also let every customer hand select their apples. Whether you want small, medium, or large apples, you get to pick. You’ll never find prepackaged bags of apples, so you’ll always know exactly what you are getting.

Check out our Facebook at Apple Blossom Orchard and Market to see photos of what we have and check out what we are up to! Or, you can check out our Blog for other updates.

Make sure you check out the “Apples” page for complete detailed descriptions.