Produce as it Progresses and a Sunflower Garden

Hello again! It’s been a busy week at Apple Blossom Orchard and Market—and our plants have been busy too. They have been making so many fruits and vegetables! I decided to take a walk through our gardens here, and show you some of the baby versions of what we have growing at our orchard!

The apples looked excellent. It looks like we have a great crop to share with you!

Baby Apple Baby Cantaloupe Three
Our cantaloupe was looking excellent. These babies from our cantaloupe crop are about three inches around. We tap on our melons and listen for a hollow noise to make sure they are ripe!

Baby Honeydew


This baby honeydew is a little bit bigger than the baby cantaloupe pictured previously. Honeydew is one of our favorite fruits to eat on the orchard!



We found a very small watermelon to show you, and the watermelon flowers were beautiful too! We have had some awesome seed-spitting contests.

Baby Cherry TomatoesThese cherry tomatoes were just beginning to get ripe. Those are my personal favorite fruit–I’ve loved them since I was very small.





These peas were perfect for eating. They just keep on coming!

Fat PeaFat Beans




Another personal favorite of mine… beans! I will eat them all day if I am allowed to. I have eaten up to three quarts full a day!




And then, at the end of my expedition… I came upon our sunflower garden. It had been a couple days since I had explored it. It exploded! We have several varieties, including monstrous-sized mammoth sunflowers, teddy bear sunflowers, and some red and lemon-colored sunflowers. They are beautiful.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will enjoy these fruits as much as I have!


Huge Sunflower Garden Teddy Bear Sunflower Red Sunflower Mammoth Sunflower

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