Freeze Your Berries!

One way to store blueberries (or any berry, really!) for a long time is to freeze them. Freezing berries is easy, and can be a fun family activity on a rainy day!

For freezing at home, you will need…

  • Blueberries, or any other berry you would like to freeze
  • A colander
  • Two absorbent towels or cloths
  • A cookie sheet or 9×13 pan
  • Parchment paper
  • Ziploc bags
  • Room in your freezer

Step 1: Pour your berries into a colander and rinse them with cold water.

Step 2: Place the berries on an absorbent towel. Scan your fruit for any damaged or bruised berries. Pick these out and dispose in the wastebasket or in your mouth if they are simply bruised! Choose berries that are a nice blue color, not punctured, and are nice and firm to touch.

Step 3: Place a dry cloth on top of the berries and lightly pat dry. Drying berries before freezing makes them less likely to stick together in the freezer.

Step 4: Line the cookie sheet or pan with parchment paper and spread the berries out in a single layer. If you have a deeper pan or sheet, you can layer the berries separating each layer with parchment paper.

Step 5: Put your berries in the freezer for 2-3 hours, or until they are solid.

Step 6: Once the berries are solid, fill quart-sized Ziploc bags 3/4 full (just enough that the bags will lay flat in the freezer so you can stack them). Once this is done, put them in the freezer immediately where they will keep for a year or more.

We do this every year with our blueberries, and they are a delicious treat throughout the winter months.


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