Apple Shape Size Color Skin Flesh Uses Available
ZestarZestar Round Medium Pink-red covers 75% of skin, yellow undercolor. Medium thickness White semi-crisp flesh with sweet-tart almost gingery taste. Eating, Cooking, Salads, Browns quickly Aug. 20th
Paula RedPaula Red Round Medium Pink-red covers 50% of skin, buttery yellow undercolor. Thick White, soft flesh with sweet, simple taste. -Eating, Salads Aug. 20th
Gala Tall, conical Small-medium Red-orange with green undercolor. Medium thickness Yellow, medium-crisp flesh with sweet, juicy flavor. -Eating, Salads, Cooking Sept. 1st
HoneycrispHoneycrisp Tall, conical Large Red-orange flush, sometimes pinkish, over 90-100% of skin, green/yellow undercolor. Medium thickness Yellow-white crispy flesh, extremely light and airy.   Has a honey-like taste with a slight grape flavor, and a hint of tartness. -Eating, Salads, Browns quickly Sept. 10th
McIntoshMcIntosh Round Medium Dark red skin with slight green undercolor. Thinner, but crunchy and taut Pure white flesh with medium-crispness. Sweet, but acidic with a slight hint of wine (vinous). -Eating, Salads, Cooking Sept. 10th
CortlandCortland Round Medium Red covering 50-60% of skin, green-yellow undercolor. Stripey. Thinner, but crunchy and taut. Similar to McIntosh, as it is an offspring. Pure white flesh with medium-soft crispness. Sweet with acidic, vinous flavor. -Eating, Salads, Cooking, Doesn’t brown quickly Sept. 10th
Red DeliciousRed Delicious Tall, conical Medium-large Intense dark red with white pinpoints. Very thick and tough, slightly bitter. Yellow, softer, aromatic flesh with a mildly sweet flavor. -Eating, Salads, Browns quickly Sept. 20th
Jonathan Round Medium Red with yellow and green undertones, often with vertical red stripes. Thin Finely textured, creamy yellow and crispy flesh. Very juicy. Mildly sweet, with a little tang and a spicy flavor. Great for cider. -Eating, Cooking, Salads Sept. 20th
Jonagold Round Medium Vertically striped red with green-yellow or orange undertones. Thin Creamy yellow and crispy flesh, juicy like its parent Jonathan. Sweet-tart in flavor with a honey-like aroma. -Eating, Cooking, Salads Sept. 20th
Golden DeliciousGolden Delicious Tall, conical Medium Pale green to golden yellow with grey-white pinpoints. Medium thickness. Firm, crisp, white flesh with a sweet, acidic flavor. -Eating, Cooking, Salads, Browns quickly Sept. 30th
Connell Red Round Large Dark red covering 70-80% of skin, with green-yellow undercolor. Thinner White softer flesh with sweet, complex flavor. -Eating, Salads, Cooking Sept. 30th
SpartanSpartan Round Small Red, almost purple, covering 90% of skin, green-pink undercolor Medium thickness Bright white flesh, medium-crisp and juicy.   Sweet and slightly vinous. -Eating, Salads Oct. 1st
Snow SweetSnow Sweet Round Medium Rusty orange-red covering 75% of skin, green-yellow undercolor. Very thin, easily punctured. Bright white flesh. Sweet with slight tartness, very low acidity. -Eating, Salads, Some cooking, Doesn’t brown quickly Oct. 10th
Pink Lady Tall Small-medium Pink covering 80-90% of skin, bright green undercolor. Thick White-yellow crisp and dense flesh, with refreshing tartness and sweet overtones. -Eating, Salads Oct. 10th
CameoCameo Short, conical Small-medium Red-orange stripes with cream undercolor. Thick Yellow, softer flesh with a mildly sweet flavor. -Eating, Salads, Doesn’t brown quickly Oct. 10th
HoneygoldHoneygold Short, conical Medium-large Golden-green, similar to Golden Delicious. Medium thickness. Yellow mildly crisp flesh with simple sweet flavor. -Eating, Salads, Cooking Oct. 10th
Ambrosia Short, conical. Small-medium Orange-red with pink tinge over bright yellow undercolour. Medium thickness. Yellow medium-crisp flesh with a sweet candy-like taste. Low acidity. -Eating, Salads, Doesn’t brown quickly Oct. 10th
EmpireEmpire Round Small-medium Deep red, almost purple, over light green undercolor. Medium thickness. White medium-crisp flesh with sweet, vinous flavor. -Eating, Salads, Cooking Oct. 10th
Fuji Round Medium Light red with yellow blush, sometimes with red stripes. Thick Creamy white, juicy, and crispy flesh. Dense, and low in acidity, mild and sweet with a slight citrus flavor. -Eating, Salads, Cooking Oct. 10th
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