To our surprise, ever since we have moved here we are routinely approached and asked if we would like some help. At first, we understood this to be an offer to help with “testing” our 16 plus varieties of apples for taste and quality (which we are always pleased to do!) Boy, were we mistaken.
On countless occasions, we have had friends, family, and neighbors pop over with gloves in tow to provide us with real, tangible help and support. Without them, our orchard and market would not be the success it has been!

The Tanglin Family
Tim and his effervescent boys have braved cold temperatures and rain to press some of the best apple cider on the planet. Tracey even chips in, helping keep the boys well fed and watered, being the safety patrol, and quality control. They pay particular attention to the mix of apple varieties that go into the press in order to get just the right balance between sweetness and brightness. THANK YOU!

The Bricco Family
When the Briccos are here, weeds shake in their boots. And besides that, all kinds of odds and ends get sorted. THANK YOU!
“Being at Apple Blossom is a bit like being in paradise.  On sunny days the place abounds with amazing sights, smells, and sounds on the outside and no matter the weather there is sunshine inside as you are greeted with a smile, great service, and delicious items. We love it there!”

The Elsbecker Family
Elsbeckers are our second apple cider team and have helped with numerous projects including recently yanking old apple trees with our tractor and preparing them for a proper retirement ceremony… in our fire pit. THANK YOU!

The Lawrence Family
With so many kids on the farm, there always seems to be just the right set of hands to help or the brains to provide solutions. Plus, they babysit lots and lots of popcorn in the fields in the summer. THANK YOU!

The Nelsons
Our neighbors are the best, putting up with our many bonfires, a lawn that isn’t even close to the fairway-style turf they keep, and generously sharing some of their land for tasty produce. THANK YOU!

Marc Busko
Marc has been a perpetual inspiration and helped us figure out how to build this website. THANK YOU!

Last but not least, we have missed many of you that have provided prayers, moral support and a strong back. Our heartfelt thanks to ALL of you.

Want to be a Friend of the Orchard? The only qualifications include the willingness to work for food and a pair of work gloves. :)